Electromagnetic Brakes and Clutches

For many practical applications, it is necessary to provide a breaking clutch. INTEGRATED’s 3D software is ideally suited for this type of application. Since its boundary element method does not require meshing any air space, it is a simple matter to set up parametrics which modify the design and provide the correct breaking torque.


Unlike a finite element solution, the mesh does not have to be recreated at each new position of magnet alignment. The software comes with a built in library of materials which is easily extended by the user’s own commonly used library of materials

Torque production such as electromagnetic brakes and clutches due to induced eddy currents can be calculated using our CAE software OERSTED™ (2D/RS) or FARADAY™ (3D simulation). Thermal analysis using KELVIN™ (2D/RS) or CELSIUS™ (3D simulation) may also be desired.

uccessful implementation of the entire drive system. The variety of machine models in the library covers most commonly known electrical drive concepts. Specialized machine models are easily set up using these basic building blocks.

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