Particle Trajectory Applications

Penning Trap
Electric field on penning trap electrodes

Many devices are affected by the motion of charged particles in electric and/or magnetic fields. Applications utilizing electron or ion beams or traps deliberately make use of this motion and require the modeling of beam optics and/or particle trajectories.

The device performance may ultimately be limited by the ability to obtain the desired field strengths or spatial distributions. It may also be affected by practical problems with producing the desired beam intensity or maintaining the beam intensity along the path without excessive divergence due to its own space charge. Read More...

INTEGRATED’s LORENTZ suite of CAE programs provide sophisticated simulation and design tools customized for beam optics and charged particle trajectory analysis. For almost 30 years, INTEGRATED’s electric and magnetic field solvers have been known in many industries for their accuracy and ease of use. Building on this base, the LORENTZ suite has been continuously developed and improved since the first versions were introduced in 1998.

Several varieties of LORENTZ programs are available for applications involving:

Learn about LORENTZ Solver Methods and our Specialized Beam Analysis Physics Options.

Thanks to the parallelization of our programs (included in our packages at no extra cost) the solution speed is certainly a major benefit for designers requiring beam analysis and particle trajectory software.

Particle Trajectory Applications

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