Temperature contours

Fig. 1: Temperature contours.
Fig. 2: Voltage contours on the transformer bushing

In addition to simulating the part, designing the environment in which the part is heated may also be important. For induction heating, the shape of the coils can play a major part in the heating process. In addition, the heating equipment can be driven at different frequencies which will also affect the quality and efficiency of the heating process. To cater to these problems, a finite element or a combination of finite element methods is required. The real question is to understand the process and find the level of simulation required to produce useful results.

Get the complete electromagnetic-thermal solution of your device by combining the electromagnetic power loss input and the thermal analysis. KELVIN displays temperature, heat flux and temperature gradients using graphs and contour, profile or arrow plots. Explore the full possibilities of time-saving, cost-effective product design optimization with KELVIN, INTEGRATED’s 2D thermal analysis tool.

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KELVIN Overview

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