Automated designs for low-loss toroidal core components
Automated Designs for low loss toroids

INTEGRATED’s geometry features proves to be very useful to evaluate the electromagnetic efficiency of toroidal core components.

Transmission Lines


Version 11.0 Released

Integrated Engineering Software has released version 11.0 and introduces improved user-friendly Interface.
Version 11.0 major updates:

  • Improved easy to use interface for defining and assigning Physics
  • New Geometry creation tools
  • New API functions
  • 3D models now use Self-Adaptive solving by default
  • Model summary and preview image now available
  • New Message area tabs specific to the Outputs, Solver, Warnings, and Errors

Learn more about Version 11.0 and the webinar here


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Webinar: Uses of Scripting in Transformer Design

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“LORENTZ has very friendly user interface and the flexibility to develop CAD-like models”

Dr. Hung Quang HOANG
Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)
Materials Research and Technology (MRT) Department

"The best feature of LORENTZ is the combination of field calculation and trajectories calculation with high accuracy. It is quite convenient to check the field setting and to obtain the trajectories immediately. The calculation precision is satisfying if you make the right setting."

Dr. Weiqiang Sun

"ELECTRO is by far the best software I have used. It incorporates user-friendly graphics with a rigorous analysis method to produce output that can be graphically or numerically displayed."

Mr. Jose Chavez
Electrical Engineer, NRAD Laboratory, USA

"Comparison of our real hardware measured data with Lorentz has correlated extremely well and helped us save significant time and money."

William Blanchard
Blanchard & Company Inc., USA

"INTEGRATED has impressed me with their willingness to work with the customer to solve unique problems."

John Hauck
Principal Research Scientist, Endocardial Solutions, USA

"We are very impressed with the level of accuracy we achieve and the excellent agreement with our measured data."

Michael Nahum
Chief Scientist, Micro Encoder Inc., USA

"The results realized were accurate with less than 1% error from analytical solutions."

Dr. Kent Davey
American Maglev, USA

"The Use of Magneto allows Airpax to quickly modify circuit assemblies, reduce material costs and design new delay assemblies for future generation products faster than ever before."

Scott Peterson

"Amperes intuitive output options help guide us to optimal solutions. The bottom line for our business has been impressive time – and cost – savings."

David Scerbak
President, Electro-Optics Technology, USA

"The software allows us to create extremely accurate virtual results, which has allowed us to greatly reduce the prototype to production phases."

Douglas W. Cappon
Manager of Design Services, Group Arnold, MTC, USA

"Integrated’s software offers Industrial Coils the ability to model our designs quickly and accurately. Our design time has been reduced from 3 weeks to 2 ½ days."

Mike Potter
Industrial Coils, USA

"We are very impressed with the user friendliness of the software and the level of accuracy we obtain with the program, which is extremely important for our application."

Dr. Sakhrat Khizroev, Dr. Dimitri Litvinov
Seagate Technologies, USA

"COULOMB was essential for the success of our work. It is very user-friendly and the customer support has been excellent. In fact, INTEGRATED Engineering Software modified COULOMB especially to simplify for us the readout of the induced surface charges."

Siegfried Auer, PhD.
A&M Associates, USA

"COULOMB was the best choice for our study. The Boundary Element Method quickly solves three dimensional modeling and electrostatic simulations. COULOMB accurately analyzed the effects of corona ring, transmission tower, insulator type and angle between V-strings on potential and electric field distribution."

Dr. Aydoğan Özdemir and Suat Ilhan
Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

"Thanks! INTEGRATED definitely has the best customer service of any software company I have ever dealt with. My comments stem from the willingness of INTEGRATED to find, debug problems and implement changes in real time without waiting for scheduled software releases. I know of no other software application company which is willing to do the same."

Chris McKenzie
Consultant, USA

"I thought you would like to know that I have tested the impulse feature, and it works really well. I have checked the results with a similar new feature in one of your competitors’ software package, and ELECTRO’s results have very good agreement for significantly less effort. Thank you again for your help."

Paul Stoving
Cooper Power Systems, USA

"I wanted to let you know that I have just performed a ‘short’ run of 30 hours on a 3D BEM problem that contained 98,730 unknowns using 76,688 2D boundary elements. The problem size was 219 GBs. I am quite impressed with the time FARADAY took for solving such a large problem. This would have taken 30 days plus with my old system."

Mark Roberts
Naval Surface Warfare Center, USA

"I once again extend my thanks for your help on this matter. It is more than I have come to expect from a lot of companies."

Andrew Hilton, M Eng.
The University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

"I truly enjoy using INTEGRATED’ software. Its combination of speed, accuracy and extraordinary user-friendliness make my work much more productive. I would like to thank the INTEGRATED team for an excellent numerical code."

Dr. Valery Rudnev, FASM
Director, Science & Technology, Inductoheat Group, USA

"KELVIN has become an important tool in the education of our students: INTEGRATED’s programs are easy to learn and easy to use. The parametric calculations are a key feature in the software."

Dr. Josef Hodapp
Fachhochschule Aachen, Germany

"We rely on MAGNETO to design many varieties of permanent magnet and electromagnetic devices. We have found good correlation between model prediction and measurements on final products. We especially like how easy it is to create/modify geometry, how quickly the self-adaptive solver converges and the ability to solve parametrically."

Michael Devine
Applications Engineering Manager, Dexter Magnetic Technologies, Inc., USA

"I find ELECTRO 2D an indispensable tool for optimizing my designs of medium voltage cable connectors, terminations and bushings. It is fast, reliable and flexible.

Heilke Keymeulen
Euromold Unit, Nexans, Belgium

"We found COULOMB 3D an ideal tool to calculate the electric fields on big open structures like overhead lines. Due to the nature of the boundary element method it allows the calculation of big arrangements consisting of two towers and 6 phases. The mesh at the specific point of interest can be refined for every calculation providing a detailed electric field plot of a composite insulator close to the end fitting (so called “triple point”). We also appreciated the excellent support of INTEGRATED’s technical support reps helping us to refine and optimize the model. At the end we achieved a calculation time of only 15 minutes, while it was still a couple of hours initially."

Samuel Ansorge
Director CoC Overheadlines, Pfisterer Sefag AG, Switzerland

"For our purposes, ‘ELECTRO’ is actually the preferred software tool for every-day engineering. It is important to have software that is very quick and easy to learn and this product is more than capable of handling the large models we require."

Dr. Beriz Bakija
Siemens AG’s Energy Sector, Germany

"We have been using INTEGRATED’s electromagnetic software for the last 10 years in our institute. The user-friendliness allows a fast start, and is very well suited to training students and new users. The ability to treat open systems and calculation accuracy are also other strong points of INTEGRATED’s software."

Marcos Dracos
Director of Research, Institut de Recherches Subatomiques, France

"I use Amperes on a daily basis. I love the software and have always had great support from INTEGRATED technical guys.

David Lancisi
Engineering Director, Applimotion Inc., USA

"Just wanted to thank you again for the training session yesterday; I have a much better understanding of FARADAY. Your thorough understanding of the software and your ability to communicate down to our level was very much appreciated."

Michael Devine
Applications Engineering Manager, Dexter, USA

"Our design challenge was to provide a switch and energy dump in a very small volume and do so cost effectively. Coulomb allowed us evaluate the design for long term failure mechanisms such as reactive ion bombardment of the insulator structure. The switch has been in service now for over 6 years without any dielectric system failures reported from the field."

Jerry Frank
High Voltage Design Engineer, Megger, USA

Thank you very much for your quick response and help. I realized my mistake and my program is working now.

Yueqiu M. Unamck, P.E.
Mechanical Engineer, Resodyn Corporation, USA

"I have been playing around with the API this weekend. It’s a very powerful and a super useful feature! Good work guys! So far I have been using Excel to interface with Lorentz and it works like a charm with both 2EM & 3EM."

Tomi Tuohimaa
Senior Scientist, EXCILLUM AB

"The Boundary Element Method (BEM) is more computationally efficient than the Finite Element Method (FEM) and it also enables us to better define complex surfaces than FEM. From our viewpoint, the BEM solver makes it very quick and easy to set up a problem."

Jim McGinn
Staff Scientist, FEI

"I have been using LORENTZ a long time now. I am very pleased with the BEM solver and trajectory analysis feature of LORENTZ software. The ability to solve in multiple current emission regimes is the most unique feature to allow us to create powerful solutions."

Mr. Eric Miller
Research Scientist, Moxtek

"LORENTZ is our electromagnetic simulation tool to design many varieties of electromagnetic devices. It has number of advanced geometric modelling capabilities. Its ability to import any computational domain or structure from CAD makes it extremely useful."

Mike Devine
Applications Engineer Manager, Dexter Magnetic Technologies

"Lorentz is an indispensable tool for electric and magnetic field calculations. To best of our knowledge no other software includes the BEM solver with CAD import capability which is extremely important for our application."

Jim McGinn
Staff Scientist, FEI

"Lorentz has many intuitive features and one of them is to successfully analyze trajectory transient conditions. As far as customer service and technical support is concerned, the staff at Integrated Engineering Software is quick to respond to issues and provide solutions to any software problems."

Valery Voinov
Assistant Professor, Department of chemistry, Oregon State University

"Amperes has easy to use parametric analysis feature to design optimization with short learning curve.

Dr. Kent Davey
Adjunct Professor, U. Houston

"Amperes the only program on the market allowing 3D visualization of fields produced by magnetic assemblies and their numerical analysis. The best feature of the program for us is its ability for 3D graphical visualization of magnetic fields and numerical analysis of the fields."

Dr. Vladmir Raksha
Staff Scientist, Viavi Solutions Inc

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