System Simulation

Modern design of electrical energy conversion systems –which includes power electronics– require the support of simulation tools. A system or circuit simulation alone is no longer satisfactory without proper combined-physics system analysis and design.

Understanding the strengths of different tools and integrating them in the design process allows investigation of more design aspects than only circuit simulation.

Typical simulation analysis of combined physics consists of many aspects that are modeled into the combined circuit-system simulator. These are, for example, parameters of magnetic actuators, parameters and precise models of semiconductor switches, electrical machine parameters, thermal effects, different control issues, or packaging and parasitic effects as a result of different layout.

All electromechanical systems require a power source. Ultimately, the entire system, including all mechanical, hydraulic, and thermal loading needs to be modeled. The interaction and data exchange with different analysis and design tools are hereby necessary.

INTEGRATED’s link with CASPOC™, a combined-physics circuit-system simulator, enables this integrated approach, where the complete application can be simulated.