• Helmholtz Coils isosurfaces plots

    3D Model of Helmholtz Coils showing Isosurfaces Plots of
    axial component of B Field

  • Livitating Disk eddy currents

    Eddy currents inside levitating disk

Reducing design costs and development times is an ever-increasing challenge. FARADAY, a 3D time-harmonic eddy current field solver from INTEGRATED Engineering Software gives you the advantage you need to meet this challenge head on. Using our innovative Boundary Element Method (BEM) or Finite Element Method (FEM) technologies, FARADAY is the only clear hoice for applications requiring large open region analysis, exact modeling of boundaries and problems where dealing with small skin depths are critical.

Fast and accurate, FARADAY calculates force, torque, displacement current, flux linkage, induced voltage, power and impedance. FARADAY is an easy-to-use 3D eddy current field solver for the design and analysis of magnetic equipment and components, including:

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FARADAY Overview part 1

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