Using SINGULA™ attenuators, directional couplers, non-ferrite circulators, filters, cavities, waveguide transitions, irises, reactive posts, and junctions can be modeled and solved for determining the field distribution and the scattering matrix parameters over a range of frequencies. More than one dielectric material can be used in the model.


Impedance matrix (Z), admittance matrix (Y) and scattering matrix (S) of microwave circuits of multiple parts can be correctly obtained. The BEM or FEM techniques can be employed in microwave circuits made of waveguide elements.

The model analysis and resonance frequency of a microwave resonator can be easily calculated using FEM techniques in SINGULA™, while the monostatic and bistatic Radar Cross Section of arbitrary conducting and/or dialectric bodies can be calculated also.

Our software includes the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) method, for electrically large antennas or objects. When the designer needs a quick, approximate answer, the FFT method allows the user to obtain quickly an initial solution.