OERSTED, a 2D/RS time-harmonic eddy current solver from INTEGRATED Engineering Software, delivers the power and performance needed to accomplish transient EM field solving. Using our innovative Boundary Element Method (BEM) technology with the Finite Element Method (FEM) solver, OERSTED distinguishes itself in magnetic design problems that require large open field analysis, exact modeling of boundaries and in applications where dealing with small skin depths are critical.

OERSTED provides powerful tools for magnetic field analysis, and calculation of resultant parameters such as force, torque, induced voltages, displacement current, flux linkage, induced voltage, power, impedance and currents.

Our powerful parametric solvers allow designers to automatically vary and experiment with geometry, materials and sources. Thanks to the post processing tools available in OERSTED, designers can set up calculations and graphical analysis for any parameters not available as standard output – reducing the tedious, repetitive task of fine–tuning multiple design parameters.

OERSTED Information sheet

Key Features

  • 3D RF and microwave field solver for a diverse range of applications.
  • Finite difference time domain solver.
  • At no extra cost, our software packages include:
    • Choice of solvers: To ensure you have confidence in the solution and for independent verification, both  BEM and FEM  methods are included in the same software package to suit your specific application needs. Not every solver fits every application, no “one size fits all”.
    • Choice of optimization tools: Parametric Analysis  for those who need fast and easy optimization with a short learning curve. API  and Scripting  give more power to advanced users. Both tools are available in  the same  package.
    • Built-in material libraries: Customize and create your own library for easy access to the materials you use.
    • Integration with MATLAB®: Users' MATLAB code can include function calls to the INTEGRATED API to build geometry, assign physical parameters, solve, and obtain results.
    • Parallelization: When used on 64-bit computers, this premits full utilization of the available RAM to dramatically increase speed of solution and post-processing.
  • Intuitive interface that can be easily customized according to user preferences (overall appearance, toolbars, solvers, backgrounds, defaults, etc).

What hardware configuration advice can you give for optimal performance?

What hardware configuration is required for optimal performance?

System Requirements:

  • 64 bit operating system
  • Microsoft ® Windows Vista ®, Windows 7, Windows 8 or higher
  • If you encounter problems installing from a network drive, please contact INTEGRATED Technical Support
  • Installation requireds approximately 110 MB of disk space
2D Programs:
  • A minimum of 4 GB of RAM is required.
  • Although the software runs on single-processor machines, running it on multiprocessor sustem will allow the software to solve in a parallel fashion utilizing parallel resources.

OERSTED is an easy-to-use CAE software package designed to perform cross section simulations of DC, AC and transient magnetic physical systems for applications like:

  • MRI
  • Non-destructive testing systems
  • Busbars, charging fixtures
  • Induction heating coils
  • Magnetic recording heads
  • Magnetic shielding
  • Coils and transformers
  • Induction motors

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