• Helmholtz Coils

    Rotational Symmetric Model of Helmholtz Coils showing
    Solid Contour Plot of X Component of B Field

  • 2D motor

MAGNETO, a fully integrated 2D/RS magnetic field solver from Integrated Engineering Software puts you on the cutting edge of electromagnetic design. MAGNETO provides both Boundary Element Method (BEM) and Finite Element Method (FEM) solvers, so you can select the best analysis method for your application. Get smooth, reliable and extremely accurate results for the most complex magnetic design problems.

Fast and accurate, MAGNETO calculates force, torque, flux linkage and inductance. MAGNETO is an easy-to-use 2D/RS magnetic field solver for the design and analysis of magnetic equipment and components that incorporate linear, non-linear, and permanent magnet materials, including:

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MAGNETO Helmholtz Coil System part 1

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