INTEGRATED Engineering Software puts you on the cutting edge of electromagnetic design with its 2D magnetic field solver, MAGNETO™. Electromechanical devices such as actuators and motors, magnetic sensors, and any other application requiring fast and accurate magnetic field simulation are easy to simulate using MAGNETO™’s power and flexibility.

The MAGNETO™ 2D solver handles two different kinds of geometric models. Semi-infinite models can be represented by a cross-section of a device along its length. Axisymmetric models are models that can be represented by a radial slice of the device at any angle.

MAGNETO™ will generate static or time-harmonic solutions based on a simple user setting. When nonlinear magnetic materials are present, simply assign to the appropriate parts and MAGNETO™’s efficient nonlinear iterative solver automatically takes care of the rest.

MAGNETO™ features both Boundary Element Method (BEM) and Finite Element Method (FEM) solvers. Users can specify which solving method to use or allow MAGNETO™ to decide which solver it prefers for a given model and application.

A wide range of high-quality display types help users understand the results of their simulation and enables the preparation of impressive graphics for presentation to stakeholders.

Specialized calculations return the inductance of coils, flux linkage in a coil, the force and torque on coils or on bodies with soft or hard magnetic material properties due to magnetic fields. Other values of interest in appropriate physical models, such as the stored energy or co-energy, are also available.

MAGNETO also has these features common to all Applications from Integrated:

  • A structured, intuitive interface to easily define simulation models and obtain results within the program.
  • A comprehensive Application Programming Interface (API) allows users to run simulations from their own scripts written in VBA, Python, C# or Matlab.
  • Self-adaptive or user-defined meshing, with user options to define areas of interest to concentrate elements.
  • Parallel solver that uses the number of cores available or some fraction of the number of cores based on the user’s setting.
  • Powerful parametric feature that allows definition of variable parameters to be stepped through for the analysis of multiple “what-if” scenarios.
  • Design optimization feature which uses the parametric feature with design constraints and objective functions to find optimal parameters of a design.
  • Importing of CAD files with healing utilities for automatic correction of drafting errors.
  • Data export to formatted files for integration with spreadsheets and other software packages.
  • A large library of materials to which users can easily add their own.
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“The Use of Magneto™ allows Airpax to quickly modify circuit assemblies, reduce material costs and design new delay assemblies for future generation products faster than ever before.”

“"We rely on MAGNETO™ to design many varieties of permanent magnet and electromagnetic devices. We have found good correlation between model prediction and measurements on final products. We especially like how easy it is to create/modify geometry, how quickly the self-adaptive solver converges and the ability to solve parametrically." “Your thorough understanding of FARADAY™ and your ability to communicate down to our level was very much appreciated.” “LORENTZ’s ability to import any computational domain or structure from CAD makes it extremely useful.””