• Electrostatic Quadrupole

    3D Model of Electrostatic Quadrupole showing profile plot of electric field

  • Streamlines from high voltage systems

    Streamlines from high voltage systems

INTEGRATED Engineering Software presents COULOMB, a powerful 3D electric field design and analysis software featuring our innovative Boundary Element Method (BEM) technology, especially well suited for applications where the design requires a large open field analysis and exact model of the boundaries. The Finite Element Method (FEM) is also available in the same package, allowing designers to select the most suitable solver according to the application, and verify independently the results within just one program. COULOMB combines exceptional ease of use, speed, and accuracy; all in one fully-integrated software package.

COULOMB's calculations include electric field strength, force, torque and capacitance. COULOMB is used for applications like:

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COLOUMB Overview Part 1

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