• Airplace H-field

    The H-field is animated on the whole surface of an airplane

  • Motor

    H-field animated on the whole surface of a car

By adding CHRONOS to its product line, INTEGRATED will provide designers with the most powerful innovative techniques including: Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD), Method of Moments (MoM), and the Finite Element Method (FEM).

The easy-to-use interface of CHRONOS allows professionals to model the geometry and assigns its physical properties, providing fast and accurate results in the time domain. The time domain results can be transformed and displayed with different parameters in the frequency domain thanks to the powerful automatic post processing tools in CHRONOS.

CHRONOS has a smart mesh generator code with the ability to recognize all the details of any structure and decide how to distribute the mesh based on the accuracy requirements of the algorithm. This gives the user two options, to either generate the mesh distribution manually, or automatically through the use of the non-uniform smart mesh generator. The smart mesh generator is used to improve the accuracy of the solution and to reduce the number of cells used in the computational domain, leading to a significant improvement in the used memory and speed.

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CHRONOS Overview Part 1

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