Can we use uniform heat distribution with BEM (Boundary Element Method)?
Can you determine the AC resistance of the coils?
Can you calculate eddy current losses in metal switchgear enclosures?
What type of solvers should be used for my particular application?
Why do my Voltage contours sometimes cross electrode surfaces?
How can I get a better looking contour plot?
What is the difference between the streamlines and trajectory functions?
How do I account for torque and loss in a 2D motor model?
What are scratch files?
How do I perform magnetic energy loss calculations?
How many boundary elements do I need?
Comparison of BEM with FEM
How do I launch more than one batch file?
What is the Boundary Element Method?


How is INTEGRATED software protected from piracy?
What geometries can be modeled with the 2D programs?
How big a model, with non-linear materials, can be quickly solved in AMPERES with 8GB RAM?
How do I prevent the blue screen when re-docking my laptop?
I installed your programs onto a new computer and now the key is not recognized. What is wrong?
What can I do if my network program is losing the license due to busy network?
What can I do when my network program is taking excessive time to start?
How do I run a network program from a different subnet?
Can I put a NC series network key on a non-networked computer?
How to run Field Exchange Utility to extend evaluation?
What does 'Unable to Create Empty Document' Mean?
How do I Control the Server Time-Out Period with a Network Key?
How do I fix graphics problems?
Why choose Integrated Engineering Software?
What 3D design tips do you have to simplify modeling?
Choosing a System to Use with INTEGRATED's Software
What hardware configuration advice can you give for optimal performance?
What operating systems do you support?


What are my choices to rotate, zoom, and pan to view my model?
How can I view my model in a MS Terminal Server window?
How are you sure of proper contact of two volumes in 3D programs?
How can I draw a model without overlapping surfaces?
What are the limitations of Define Surface?
Explain periodic modeling.
Why do I get an error message Unable to Connect to Pro/Engineer?
How do I use the direct import from PRO-E?
How do I use the direct import from SDRC IDEAS?
What IGES Export options do you recommend for SolidWorks?
How can I import commercial CAD designs?


How do I Load or Modify a Nonlinear Material?
How do I know whether to use conductivity, permittivity or both in a simulation?
How do I use periodic conditions successfully?
When do I need periodic conditions?
How are nonlinear material files created?
How do Integrated Programs Handle Nonlinear (irreversible) Magnetic Materials?
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