LORENTZ-HF, the high frequency version of LORENTZ, is an easy-to-use 3D full-wave electromagnetic simulator based on CFIE (combined-field integral equation) combined with the ability to analyze charged particle trajectories in the presence of high frequency electromagnetic fields.

It uses the Method of Moments (MoM) (or Boundary Element Method) coupled with Physical Optics found in SINGULA and is coupled with the ray tracing and powerful emission regime and secondary emission capabilities of LORENTZ.

LORENTZ-HF also calculates near and far field results, power and directive gain, radar cross-section, axial ratio, and input impedance, admittance and scattering parameters.

It is uniquely suited for early-stage simulation and resolution of the Multipactor Discharge phenomenon affecting many high power vacuum electronics device designs.

LORENTZ-HF can also be combined with electrostatics, magnetostatics and time-domain solvers for LORENTZ-HFE, LORENTZ-HFM and LORENTZ-HFTD.

LORENTZ-LF, the low frequency version of LORENTZ can be combined in a similar way for LORENTZ-LFE and LORENTZ-LFM.

  • Physical Optics hybridized into MoM to solve problems such as large antenna dishes that basic MoM or FEM cannot handle.
  • Full secondary emission is available with a probabilistic chance of emission depending on primary impact energies.
  • Particle interaction with gravity, viscosity and mobility, scattering through residual gas collisions.
  • Sources include: Incident plane wave, delta voltage, line voltage, waveguide, and magnetic frill.
  • A wide range of graphs & plots (near field, far field, rectangular, Smith Charts, radiation patterns) can be created based on parameters such as H, B, E, D, J, Z, S, Y.
  • Display rectangular plots of current, fields and input impedance. Display polar plots of power gain, contours of currents and fields. Display 3D surface plots of radiation patterns and display Smith charts of s-parameters.
  • Export results to text files.
  • Powerful parametric section enables user-defined changes to model geometries, materials, boundary and voltage conditions etc.

LORENTZ-HF can also be hybridized with INTEGRATED low frequency electric or magnetic solvers to include effects such as:

  • Various emission regimes, including: Fowler-Nordheim, Child’s Law, Richardson-Dushman, Schottky and Extended Schottky.
  • Simulate lens focusing properties, beam emittance and space charge.

What hardware configuration advice can you give for optimal performance?

What hardware configuration is required for optimal performance?

System Requirements:

  • 64 bit operating system
  • Microsoft ® Windows Vista ®, Windows 7, Windows 8 or higher
  • If you encounter problems installing from a network drive, please contact INTEGRATED Technical Support
  • Installation requireds approximately 110 MB of disk space
2D Programs:
  • A minimum of 4 GB of RAM is required.
  • Although the software runs on single-processor machines, running it on multiprocessor sustem will allow the software to solve in a parallel fashion utilizing parallel resources.
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