INTEGRATED’s LORENTZsuite of CAE programs provide sophisticated simulation and design tools customized for charged particle trajectory analysis in 2D/RS and 3D. The diverse applications of LORENTZ include studying the motion of particles in traps such as a Penning trap, or the paths of particles through optical components such as bending magnet and multiple focusing magnets, or the behavior of beams such as the dual grid ion gun.

LORENTZ is available in combination with INTEGRATED’s well-established electric and magnetic field solvers. These solvers have proven their reliability over decades of use in applications as diverse as motor design, antennas, and high voltage transmission lines. Depending on the accompanying field solvers, several varieties of LORENTZ programs are available for applications involving electric(E), magnetic(M) or combined field analysis(EM) in 2D and 3D known as LORENTZ-2E, LORENTZ-2M, LORENTZ-2EM, LORENTZ-3E, LORENTZ-3M and LORENTZ-3EM. For the high frequency option, please choose LORENTZ-HF.

INTEGRATED’s Parametric and batch utilities may be used to run automatic variations on the LORENTZ model for purposes such as design optimization or tolerance testing.

Learn about LORENTZ Solver Methods and our Specialized Beam Analysis Physics Options.

Thanks to the parallelization of our programs (included in our packages at no extra cost) the solution speed is certainly a major benefit for designers requiring beam analysis and particle trajectory software.

LORENTZ Information sheet

Key Features

  • 2D/RS and 3D charged particle trajectory field solver for a diverse range of applications.
  • Optical (beam) axis in the 3D package to provide a convenient reference for analyzing a beam.
  • Quasi-transient mode that rebuilds the field at different times for arbitrary time dependencies, which is much faster than doing a full transient solution.
  • At no extra cost, our software packages include:
    • Choice of solvers: To ensure you have confidence in the solution and for independent verification, both  BEM and FEM  methods are included in the same software package to suit your specific application needs. Not every solver fits every application, no “one size fits all”.
    • Choice of optimization tools: Parametric Analysis  for those who need fast and easy optimization with a short learning curve. API  and Scripting  give more power to advanced users. Both tools are available in  the same  package.
    • Built-in material libraries: Customize and create your own library for easy access to the materials you use.
    • Integration with MATLAB®: Users' MATLAB code can include function calls to the INTEGRATED API to build geometry, assign physical parameters, solve, and obtain results.
    • Parallelization: When used on 64-bit computers, this premits full utilization of the available RAM to dramatically increase speed of solution and post-processing.
  • Intuitive interface that can be easily customized according to user preferences (overall appearance, toolbars, solvers, backgrounds, defaults, etc).

What hardware configuration advice can you give for optimal performance?

What hardware configuration is required for optimal performance?

System Requirements:

  • 64 bit operating system
  • Microsoft ® Windows Vista ®, Windows 7, Windows 8 or higher
  • If you encounter problems installing from a network drive, please contact INTEGRATED Technical Support
  • Installation requireds approximately 110 MB of disk space
2D Programs:
  • A minimum of 4 GB of RAM is required.
  • Although the software runs on single-processor machines, running it on multiprocessor sustem will allow the software to solve in a parallel fashion utilizing parallel resources.

Charged Particle Beams

  • Electron Gun
  • Ion guns
  • Ion implanters
  • Nanotube field emitters
  • Sputtering sources
  • X-ray
  • Ion propulsion
  • Spot Size

Beam Optics

  • Focusing electrodes
  • Steering magnets
  • Electron microscopes
  • Multipole beamline magnets

Charged Particle Trajectories

  • Ion mobility spectroscopy
  • Ion traps
  • Ion mass spectrometers
  • Time of flight
  • Deflector plates
  • Microchannel plates
  • Multipaction
  • Photomultiplier tubes

LORENTZ Introduction

Child's Law - Pierce Electron Gun

Child's Law Simulation Part 1

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