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Pair of quadrupole magnets

The geometry of the problem can be created with the geometric modeler built into the INTEGRATED programs or can be imported from any of the major CAD vendors. More importantly, the geometry can be changed parametrically to optimize a design for robustness, weight, size, cost, and of course, performance.

In addition to a built-in geometric modeler, INTEGRATED has joined forces with major CAD vendors to enable the seamless import of existing 3D models.

INTEGRATED programs support commonly used STEP, SAT, IGES and DXF formats. However, many inconsistencies between various programs and the approximations to geometry can make these impractical. We have partnered with major CAD vendors to provide a direct memory link between a model open in your CAD package and our CAE software. In 3D we support imports from Autodesk, Pro-E, I-deas, Solid Edge and SolidWorks. Talk to our technical support to learn how the development is proceeding for other cases.

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