Transformer Design


Transformer Design:

INTEGRATED software programs are best for fulfilling simulation needs in transformer design optimization. These programs can handle following Transformer calculations:

  • ELECTRIC calculations: Electric field strength, Transmission line parameters, capacitance, Corona Ring analysis, Partial Discharge Inception (PDI) analysis, impedance losses, dielectric strength of the insulating structures between the windings, the leads, the bushing tails and tank turrets etc.
  • MAGNETIC calculations: Mutual inductances of the coils; flux paths; power loss in the core; flux loss and parasitic interactions with other equipment
  • THERMAL calculations: Joule heating of the coils or core loss (combination of hysteresis loss and eddy current loss)

Simulations using Integrated's software permit determination of transformer performance as well as equivalent circuit parameters. Our innovative proprietary Boundary Element Method (BEM) technology provides the most accurate numerical field solutions to simulate the Transformer behavior. The Finite Element Method (FEM) solver is incorporated in the programs as well to provide choice of both methods.

INTEGRATED’s software programs are invaluable design tools providing insights into problem areas of TRANSFORMER designs and allowing simulation of multiple model variations.

INTEGRATED Engineering software programs that can be applied to various aspects of TRANSFORMER design:

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