INTEGRATED’s suite of CAE software products provides a complete toolbox to simulate various aspects of sensor design and electromagnetic effects involved in their systems. These programs provide the most accurate results for field plots, flux linkage, inductance calculations, force, torque, power loss and stored energy. Effects of induced currents and/or transients, current densities in conductors for steady state sinusoidal sources or for completely general user defined transient signals are handled explicitly. Both skin effects and proximity effects are included as part of the field solution.

Our proprietary Boundary Element Method (BEM) is often the preferred method for optimizing sensor design and is best method to handle both large regions of open space and small air gaps. BEM requires neither artificial boundaries to limit the model space, nor meshing of empty space regions. Finite Element Method (FEM) is also incorporated in the programs at no extra cost. FEM is particularly well suited to transient simulations, which involve the field solution at a large number of time steps. An additional advantage to having both solution methods is the ability to confirm the validity of models using two independent solvers based on entirely different mathematical formulations.

Significant Features of Integrated’s programs:

  • They cover the range of physical systems including magnetic, electric, eddy current and high frequency field solvers
  • Mathematical Solver methods optimized for each particular application
  • Direct import of models from CAD Partners including: Autodesk, PTC, Solid Edge and SolidWorks (also STEP, SAT and openNURBS (.3DM) import from general 3D CAD programs).
  • STEP, SAT and openNURBS (.3DM) import from general 3D CAD programs
  • Parametric utility for prototype testing and optimization
  • API and Scripting for fast automated custom designs
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