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INTEGRATED’s suite of CAE software products provides a complete toolbox for sensor designers who must consider electromagnetic effects in their systems.

  • Programs that cover the range of physical systems including magnetic, electric, eddy current and high frequency field solvers
  • Mathematical Solver methods optimized for each particular application
  • Direct import of models from CAD Partners including: Autodesk, PTC, Solid Edge andSolidWorks (also STEP, SAT and openNURBS (.3DM) import from general 3D CAD programs).
  • STEP, SAT and openNURBS (.3DM) import from general 3D CAD programs
  • Parametric utility for prototype testing and optimization
  • API and Scripting for fast automated custom designs

Our software is the only clear choice for applications involving the modeling of space around the device: that is what we call “large open regions”.

CAE Software as a tool
Capacitive Sensors
Magnetic / Variable Reluctance Sensors
Inductive / Eddy Current Sensors
High Frequency Sensors
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