Charged Particle Beams


Charged Particle Beams Simulation:

LORENTZ programs can simulate a wide variety of charge particle beam trajectory applications. Examples include Electron guns, Ion guns, Ion implanters, Nanotube field emitter, Sputtering sources, X-ray tubes and Ion propulsion

Physical properties that can be modeled are:

  • The nature of the emission source: Child’s Law, Schottky Emissions, Fowler-Nordheim Emission, etc.
  • The effect of the beam charge on the electric solution.
  • The electric repulsion between like charged particle rays and attraction between opposite charged rays.
  • The magnetic effects caused by current in the beam, including self-magnetic effort of the beam on itself.

LORENTZ-2EM (2D/RS) and LORENTZ-EM (3D) compute beam trajectories under the influence of both electric and magnetic fields simultaneously. The hybrid programs combine the full capabilities of ELECTRO/MAGNETO (2D/RS) or COULOMB/AMPERES (3D) and are particularly useful for designing charge particle beam trajectory applications.

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