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Our software comes complete and ready to use. No need to purchase additional modules or options: all programs are fully functional CAE tools.

INTEGRATED offers a full range of CAE simulation tools that include:

  • Mathematical solver methods optimized for each particular application.
  • The INTEGRATED API enables the direct control of program functions by utility scripts of macros created in tools such as MATLABĀ®, Excel and Visual Studio. Scripting can control the entire process of model creation and testing.
  • Parametrics provides an easy to learn GUI based method of testing designs through a range of operating conditions, as well as modifying basic designs to obtain optimum performance.
  • ParallelizationĀ  (or multithreading) capability.
  • Direct import of models from CAD programs; such as Autodesk, PTC, Solid Edge andSolidWorks. STEP, SAT and openNURBS (.3DM)
  • Complete range of analysis results and visualization/export tools.
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