Specialized Beam Analysis Physics Options

Modeling the components of particle beam systems requires the assignment of specialized physical properties (in addition to the physical properties required for the field solution).  LORENTZ programs come with a complete range of physics options that make it easy to define even the most complex beam simulation problems.


Components that can be simulated include:

  • Emitters
  • Collectors
  • Reflectors
  • Secondary Emitters
  • Wind Tunnels
  • Residual Gas


Physical properties that can be modeled include:

  • Space Charge
  • Surface Charge Accumulation
  • Emission Regimes(including Child’s Law, Richardson Dushman, Schottky, Extended Schottky, Fowler Nordheim,and Enhanced Fowler Nordheim)
  • Meniscus Simulation of plasma sources
  • Viscous Drag Forces
  • Random Scattering due to residual gas
  • External Fields (based on measured and/or calculated values which can be added to or used in place of the simulated electric and/or magnetic fields)
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