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Siemens relies on ELECTRO for its everyday transformer engineering

Dr. Beriz Bakija, Power transmission technology & innovation engineer at Siemens, discusses the benefits of modelling in the design and test of transformers

Siemens AG’s Energy Sector, particularly its Division “Power Transmission” uses ELECTRO, an electric field simulator from Integrated Engineering Software, as an every-day tool to assist in transformer design and test.

All over the world transformers are used in systems for transmission of electrical energy from power-plants to consumers. Siemens AG offers tailored solutions which it develops and manufactures in the form of high- and medium-voltage switchgear, transformers, substations, energy automation for power supply networks and service infrastructures.

Modelling transformers for high-voltage power transmission is a complex task. The transformer types differ. Each insulation system has different dimensions and the operational voltage covers a wide range.

Siemens delivers systems which include transformers up to 1200 kV and Ultra high voltage transformers for UHVDC transmission systems up to 800 kV.

Dr. Beriz Bakija supports specialists at the related departments of the Siemens Energy Business Unit “Transformers”. “We develop insulation systems together with the experts in all Siemens transformer manufacturing plants worldwide.” He continues, “We push related innovation activities to provide latest product technology. These activities support the goal to be quality leader in the transformer industry.” The technology and innovation team drives product and production related innovation activities for the Business Unit “Transformers” worldwide.

“For our purposes, “ELECTRO” is actually the preferred software tool for every-day engineering. It is important to have software that is very quick and easy to learn and this product is more than capable of handling the large models we require.”  Some years ago Siemens standardised “Electro” as a design tool for everyday calculation of electrostatic or quasi-static field calculations for the design of its transformers. After that the worldwide use by the company has been implemented so that every design in general could be checked by using “Electro”. “There’s no day that I don’t open Electro at some stage to work on a transformer design”, says Dr. Bakija.

“Normally we use Electro for 2D calculation – focussing on rotational symmetry – because the insulation systems are all generally symmetrical.  Sometimes deeper investigations need to be done and then we model those aspects separately using other 2D calculations in Electro.”

As it is a fairly specialised product, Siemens makes use of essential capabilities provided by “Electro” and has been involved in continuous improvement process of the software in association with Integrated.

“We have an excellent relationship” Dr. Bakija continues

Siemens has a long experience in modelling to test designs as it cuts costs and supplies real flexibility, particularly where a product range comprises of major elements, large transformers in this case, which are always slightly different from the last one manufactured.

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