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CASPOC is a powerful, innovative system simulator designed for the simulation of Power Electronics and Electrical Drives. Using CASPOC, modeling power electronics, electrical machines, load and control in one multilevel model is fast and simple. This multilevel model includes a circuit level for the modeling of switched mode power supplies, a component level for the […]

Inducto 2D

INDUCTO 2D program provides coupled electromagnetic and thermal field analyses in the 2D/RS domain. The eddy current simulation capabilities of OERSTED are linked to the thermal analysis capabilities of KELVIN to provide a complete solution for induction heating problems. INDUCTO 2D can perform both transient and steady-state simulations. In addition, the OERSTED and KELVIN modules can be used […]


KELVIN, INTEGRATED’s 2D/RS thermal analysis tool displays temperature, heat flux and temperature gradients using graphs or contour, profile and arrow plots. Explore all the possibilities of time-saving, cost-effective product design optimization.  


INTEGRATED’s LORENTZ suite of CAE programs provide sophisticated simulation and design tools customized for charged particle trajectory analysis in 2D/RS and 3D. The diverse applications of LORENTZ include studying the motion of particles in traps such as a Penning trap, or the paths of particles through optical components such as bending magnet and multiple focusing […]


OERSTED, a 2D/RS time-harmonic eddy current field solver from INTEGRATED Engineering Software, delivers the power and performance needed to accomplish transient EM field solving. Using our innovative Boundary Element Method (BEM) technology with the Finite Element Method (FEM) solver, OERSTED distinguishes itself in magnetic design problems that require large open field analysis, exact modeling of […]


MAGNETO, a fully integrated 2D/RS magnetic field solver from Integrated Engineering Software puts you on the cutting edge of electromagnetic design. MAGNETO provides both Boundary Element Method (BEM) and Finite Element Method (FEM) solvers, so you can select the best analysis method for your application. Get smooth, reliable and extremely accurate results for the most […]


Since its inception in 1985, ELECTRO, the 2D/RS electrostatics solver from INTEGRATED Engineering Software has set the standard for electric field design software. ELECTRO combines the advantages of both the Boundary Element Method (BEM) and Finite Element Method (FEM) field solvers. Fast and accurate, ELECTRO calculates electric field strength, force, torque, transmission line parameters and capacitance. ELECTRO […]

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