Joint webinar with TecPlot, Inc: “Optimizing an Electromechanical Device with Multidimensional Analysis Software”

There are a number of sophisticated routines for solving multidimensional constrained optimization problems (such as sequential quadratic programming, trust region reflective algorithms and various stochastic routines) which characteristically leave the researcher without a good physical feel for the critical parameters. As a result, the designer is forced to rely on intuition and is left with the uneasy feeling that something has been left out.

This joint webinar uses the latest features in Tecplot’s multidimensional analysis software (Tecplot Chorus) to help the researcher visualize the interplay of multiple parameters from INTEGRATED Engineering Software’s field analysis programs. See the “real life” advantages of combining Tecplot and INTEGRATED: the ability to easily isolate outliers, variables of secondary interest, and the effects of slight variations on the critical objectives.


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