When do I need periodic conditions?

All INTEGRATED software is designed to exploit periodic conditions in models. Using periodic conditions – force, torque, power, energy, flux linkage, and the magnetic fields are calculated as if the whole geometry is present. By reducing the number of unknowns you need to calculate, you can greatly reduce the time required for simulation.

An example of this is a DC motor with 24 slots in the stator and 4 permanent magnets on the rotor. In trial runs, the periodic model took only about a minute, while the non-periodic model took nearly 20 minutes. This increase in time is because the number of calculations required is proportional to the number of elements squared. Thus if your reduce the number of elements to 1/4, you can reduce your simulation time to 1/16 of the original time required.

Take special care when assigning periodic conditions to ensure that active geometry does not overlap since overlapping geometry creates conditions that cannot be physically achieved.

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