I installed your programs onto a new computer and now the key is not recognized. What is wrong?

Before you go any further make sure the key is properly plugged into the computer’s parallel or USB (as appropriate for the key) port. By far the most common reason this happens is because people forget to install the sentinel driver when they install our programs onto a new computer. Go to the Useful Downloads┬ápage and download the most recent Stand Alone PC Sentinel Driver and install it onto your new computer. If you are not sure if you have the sentinel driver installed properly then download the Sentinel Medic program from the downloads page and run a check on it. It should report back that it found a key and the version of the driver that is installed.

Another common problem is that the key number does not match the program installation. The error message should tell you what key number is being looked for, and that number should be printed on the key.

New installations often mean new versions of the software. In this case it is important that the most recent Sentinel Driver be installed.

If the number printed on the key matches the error message when starting up and the most recent sentinel driver is installed and verified by the Sentinel Medic program, then it may be that the key itself has been corrupted and a replacement needs to be sent. INTEGRATED Support can help verify if this is the case.

In very rare cases the driver is installed but the key is still not recognized. If this happens then you might have an unaddressed parallel port or the key might be broken. To check to see if the parallel port is properly addressed you will need to run the Setupsysdriver.exe program that comes in the Rainbow Technologies folder that was included on the original install disk. If for some reason you cannot access this folder contact INTEGRATED support and the program can be sent to you. Run the Setupsysdriver program and click on the Configure Driver button. You should see address information for your parallel port that comes up on an information dialog box. If it is not there then you will need to assign an address to the port. Doing this is not always easy and you might want to make sure that the person doing it has done it before.

If the port is addressed and the driver is installed then the key may be physically damaged. If this happens the Sentinel Medic program may report the problem but just to be certain contact INTEGRATED and a small key testing program can be sent to you that you can run to see if the key is still functional. If it turns out that the key has failed a new one will be sent out to you and the old one must be returned to INTEGRATED.

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