How do I Control the Server Time-Out Period with a Network Key?

Network versions of INTEGRATED software periodically need to verify the licence with the server. In case of short-term network problems there is a wait period before it will interrupt analysis to give a licence error. Likewise the server expects to hear regularly from programs it has assigned a licence. After a certain time-out period the licence can be claimed by other programs. To control these time periods use a -t switch in the program shortcut.

To set this switch:

  • point your mouse at the normal short-cut
  • instead of left-clicking, right-click
  • from the pop-up menu choose Properties
  • in the Target box click at the end of the progam path …\ProgramName.exe
  • add the switch so the location now looks like …\ProgramName.exe -t integer

The integer given is your requested time-out period in 10 minutes increments. For example, for “-t 4”, the time-out period will be 40 minutes.

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