How can I view my model in a MS Terminal Server window?

From version 5.2 upwards IES is using OpenGL for rendering the model display area. This has had many benefits for providing better model and analysis display, however, OpenGL does require more than 256 colors. The MS Terminal Server window only uses 256 colors, hence, it will be very difficult to obtain meaningful displays. One option available is to use the -g switch to override the default video display setting when calling your IES program. This way you can at least get the video mode best suited to running your program in the terminal window. We have found best results with video mode 11 on our own systems. So for example, the shortcut to AMPERES can be modified to

  • amperes -g 11

This works either by modifying the shortcut (keeping path information the same) or by creating a DOS batch file with the above content to start the program.

Video mode 11 displays the workspace on a black background with dark red lines and bright dots. In shaded modes the dark red is dithered. This provides some model viewing, but it is still recommended that you do your basic set-up work on your desktop, then run from a terminal window for solving and possibly some basic post-processing (finding forces, plotting lines). If video mode 11 doesn’t work as described for you, or you would like to experiment – get GLView┬áhere and run it in the terminal window. The mode numbers which indicate OpenGL and provide the nicest display of a rotating cube are the ones to use with your IES program.

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