Can I put a NC series network key on a non-networked computer?

If you wish to physically remove a network key and put it on a non-networked computer (for example, taking your INTEGRATED software home on a laptop for the evening), then you need to perform the usual network installation (network licence server running on the computer, plus INTEGRATED software and Sentinel Driver installed), but you also need to get the computer to behave as if it is on a network. Here is a way to accomplish that:

  • Install Microsoft Loopback Adapter on the computer. This device driver can be found by going to Control Panel->Add/Remove Hardware->Network Adapter->Microsoft. Reboot the system. Please note, it may take longer for the system to reboot.
  • Install Sentinel Driver on the notebook if it has not been installed already.
  • After reboot, start the NetSentinel server NSRVGX.EXE (found in the program CD NetSentinel\servers\Win32 directory).
  • Once the license server NSRVGX.EXE is up and running, start your IES program.

If you don’t have the CD to get the driver or server, you can download them from our Useful Downloads page.

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