Eddy current windings model skin and proximity effects in AC coil

In many AC coils conductor current density is not uniformly distributed because of skin and proximity effects. OERSTED now provides users the ability to assign Eddy Current Windings to accurately simulate these effects.

Below we show the Eddy Current Windings submenu. Note you can assign either Voltage or Current driven windings with the option of modeling source or load impedances using the External Load selection.


In the induction heating example shown below the coil is formed out of copper tubing to allow cooling water to circulate through the coil. The coil surrounds a cylinder that will be heated by induced eddy currents.


A Rotationally Symmetric OERSTED model is shown below.


Below we show a plot of the current density in the individual turns of the coil.


Finally, we have zoomed in for a close up on two of the turns. Note that current density is non-uniform due to both skin and proximity effects.


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