Two channel discharge switch assembly
Image courtesy of Megger.

Switchgear designers may require electric field analysis to evaluate the possibility of corona or dielectric breakdown; magnetic field analysis to calculate forces under short circuit conditions; eddy current analysis to determine skin effect; and thermal analysis to determine operating temperatures.

Analysis Type

2D or RS

3D Simulation

Electric Field Analysis ELECTRO

COULOMB (Phasor Approximation)

Magnetic Field Analysis
(no eddy currents)

AMPERES (Phasor Approximation)

Eddy Current Coupling Analysis (and magnetic field analysis)

FARADAY (Phasor Approximation)
Thermal Analysis KELVIN

At right: The switch, modeled by leading test specialist Megger, is rated to 40 kV from 0 – 5000 ft MSL, -20C to 50C and up to 90% humidity. Each channel is rated for 2 kJ under normal operation and 6 kJ for emergency operation.