Advances in Electromagnetic Transient Simulations: from Antennas to Transmission Lines to Motor Design

While many applications are steady state or have a harmonic time dependence, many other applications involve more complex time dependent processes. This time dependence may be simple mechanical considerations such as the coupling of electromagnetic forces, spring forces, friction forces, etc. in the motion of a device. It may also be pure electromagnetic processes.

For example, switching some devices on/off can result in significant transient effects which may be detrimental to a device. What changes in the design can mitigate those transient effects? What changes can enhance desired transient effects? In either case, computer simulations can be a great design aid which enhances your understanding and enables prediction of performance which minimizes the need for physical prototyping.

This webinar, presented by Dr. Doug Craigen, Team Leader Testing and Benchmarking at INTEGRATED Engineering Software, will explain and provide examples of results of computer simulations showing the expected transient behavior.


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