Electromagnetic simulation using time varying voltage sources

Ultimately magnetic fields are produced by electric currents, but the majority of physical systems are driven by voltage excitation. Because of this, the determination of electric currents in coils adds another level of unknowns to the simulation of systems energized by time varying voltage sources.

INTEGRATED provides a direct solution for this class of problems through the definition of windings composed of coils and voltage signals.

In the simplest example, the current drawn by an iron core inductor will be primarily determined by its reactance at the source frequency.

Adding a secondary winding produces a complete transformer system. Here again, calculation of the primary and secondary currents will depend on operating frequency and load conditions.

Simulation of motors and generators can be especially challenging not only because of the large number of coils and rotational transients, but also because of the highly nonlinear switching sources and loads.

For these cases, INTEGRATED partners with the CASPOC system simulator to model dynamic performance for a complete systems solution.
Current when the generator is loaded with 66 ohms and rotating at 150 rpm

Voltage when the generator is loaded with 66 ohms and rotating at 150 rpm
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