Version 11.0 Highlights

INTEGRATED Engineering Software has released version 11.0 and introduces improved user-friendly interface.

Version 11.0 major updates:

  • Improved easy to use interface for defining and assigning Physics
  • New Geometry creation tools
  • New API functions
  • 3D models now use Self-Adaptive solving by default
  • Model summary and preview image now available
  • New Message area tabs specific to the Outputs, Solver, Warnings, and Errors

Our competitive advantages:

  • Combination of BEM, FEM, and FDTD solvers for multidisciplinary analysis
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • New updated Model Library
  • Program your own applications with API

More benefits:

  • Easy direct import/export of geometries from/to CAD tools
  • Efficient multi-threading/parallelization for speed
  • High-Resolution graphic representations
  • Automatic meshing and removal of intersecting geometries
  • World-class support team ready to unlock your ideas

Watch the webinar on version 11.0 by Dr. Doug Craigen here

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