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Electric Solvers
ELECTRO 2D Electric Solver
ELECTRO Brochure

COULOMB 3D Electric Solver
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Magnetic Solvers
MAGNETO 2D Magnetic Solver
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AMPERES 3D Magnetic Solverr
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Electromagnetic Eddy Current Solvers
OERSTED 2D Eddy Current EM Solver
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FARADAY 3D Eddy Current EM Solver
FARADAY Brochure

Cable Analysis and Solvers
CABLES Brochure

Particle Trajectory Solvers
LORENTZ 2D/ 3D Particle Optics Solver
LORENTZ 2D/3D Brochure

Coupled Electromagnetic/Thermal Solvers
INDUCTO 2D Coupled EM/ Thermal Solver
INDUCTO 3D Coupled EM/ Thermal Solver
INDUCTO 2D/3D Brochure

Thermal Analysis Solvers
KELVIN 2D Thermal Analysis Solver
CELSIUS 3D Thermal Analysis Solver KELVIN/CELSIUS Brochure

High Frequency Solver
SINGULA 3D High Frequency Solver
SINGULA Brochure

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