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Since 1984, Integrated Engineering Software has been an industry leader offering an innovative, world-class suite of complete simulation tools for the analysis and design of electromagnetic based applications. INTEGRATED is proud to be the only software provider to obtain Membership status with NEMA, supporting the highest standards in Electrical Manufacturing and Infrastructure since 1926.

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Electric Solvers
ELECTRO 2D Electric Solver
ELECTRO Brochure

COULOMB 3D Electric Solver
COULOMB Brochure

Magnetic Solvers
MAGNETO 2D Magnetic Solver
MAGNETO Brochure

AMPERES 3D Magnetic Solverr
AMPERES Brochure

Electromagnetic Eddy Current Solvers
OERSTED 2D Eddy Current EM Solver
OERSTED Brochure

FARADAY 3D Eddy Current EM Solver
FARADAY Brochure

Cable Analysis and Solvers
CABLES Brochure

Particle Trajectory Solvers
LORENTZ 2D/ 3D Particle Optics Solver
LORENTZ 2D/3D Brochure

Coupled Electromagnetic/Thermal Solvers
INDUCTO 2D Coupled EM/ Thermal Solver
INDUCTO 3D Coupled EM/ Thermal Solver
INDUCTO 2D/3D Brochure

Thermal Analysis Solvers
KELVIN 2D Thermal Analysis Solver
CELSIUS 3D Thermal Analysis Solver KELVIN/CELSIUS Brochure

High Frequency Solver
SINGULA 3D High Frequency Solver
SINGULA Brochure

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