SINGULA 9.4 has been released

This version of SINGULA has some of the most promising features. With state of the art API scripting capabilities, SINGULA stands out among all simulation software. New advanced features will help minimize run time, hence increasing the feasible problem size by many folds. Some of the new features are listed below:

Exploiting symmetry to simplify modeling

  • Planar symmetry can be utilized by users in the new version. It is extremely useful for modeling large systems to obtain a reduced model geometry. Now, symmetric/antisymmetric modelling can be applied on all the three principal planes.

Uniform Geometrical Theory of Diffraction (UGTD)

  • The new version uses a hybrid method with the Method of Moments (MoM), Physical Optics (PO) and Uniform Geometrical Theory of Diffraction (UGTD). The Uniform Geometrical Theory of Diffraction (UGTD) is used for calculating diffracted fields from edges & wedges enhancing solution accuracy. This may be suitable for large parabolic reflective antennas.

More intuitive user interface

  • User interface has been changed to make the program flow more user intuitive.
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