FARADAY speeds time to market for magnetic assemblies

3D time-harmonic eddy current field solver was ahead of its time

Design engineers using magnetic assemblies are under constant pressure to get their designs to market swiftly. INTEGRATED Engineering Software introduced FARADAY, its 3D time-harmonic eddy current field solver, back in 1994, which helped ease this pressure but it was well ahead of its time.

FARADAY is an easy-to-use 3D eddy current field solver for the design and analysis of magnetic equipment and components, including:

  • Induction heating
  • Non-destructive testing systems
  • Busbars
  • Induction and motors
  • Electric and magnetic shielding

It provides fast and accurate calculations for optimization of parameters such as force, torque and power, and the eddy current calculations can be used for determining losses, which in turn can be used for thermal analysis input.

While this software was available, it was well in advance of the computing technology needed to use its full functionality. Seventeen years on, with multi-core processors, 64 bit systems and large amounts of RAM readily available, FARADAY is now able to demonstrate its full power and capabilities. Today, users of the software get reliable results in minutes and hours as opposed to days or even weeks.

FARADAY has the advantage of using innovative Boundary Element Method (BEM), Finite Element Method (FEM) or a HYBRID of these technologies, so design engineers can use the solver that best suits their models. Boundary elements are the clear choice for applications requiring the analysis of large open regions and exact modeling of boundaries. Finite elements may be more efficient for highly non-linear problems or transient analysis.

Bruce Klimpke, INTEGRATED’s Technical Director comments: “As computer power continues to increase, and software algorithms advance, the demand for more complex simulations continues to grow. Today, it’s imperative to improve product reliability, reduce manufacturing costs and still create sustainable products. In today’s context, FARADAY now shines. Thanks to the availability of powerful hardware, our customers now find FARADAY is the best answer to their eddy current analysis needs.”

By taking advantage of both the inherent parallelizable property of the BEM, and the advancement in the computational power of desktop systems, FARADAY achieves excellent parallel scalability. Along with this advance, the finite element solver in FARADAY has also been progressing on many fronts. The time dependent eddy current field can also now be simulated directly with the FARADAY Transient Solver. Translational and rotational motion induced eddy current field can be solved with the finite element method as well.

A major development over the last two years has been the multi-threading or parallelization of this 3D program. FARADAY now reduces design time while improving product performance via computer simulations. Ultimately it reduces the costs and risks associated with physical prototyping. The speedup for a field simulation process with FARADAY is almost linearly proportional to the number of processors available to the system. This performance improvement, only possible with BEM, is making FARADAY a preferred tool in the industrial design and simulation process.

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