CHRONOS 9.4 has been released

IES is pleased to announce the latest version of CHRONOS, V9.4. With state of the art API scripting capabilities, the new list of advanced features will help solve all your FDTD problems. The release spotlights:

  • Adaptive mesh refinements: The program generates the mesh once and can identify different materials in the computational domain. It will refine and regenerate the mesh automatically to fit the new structure.
  • Post-processing of Z, Y, and S parameters for electric field and lumped voltage sources: The program can now calculate Z, Y, and S parameters between different antennas and microwave networks.
  • Now the user can assign each of the following sources or loads along any arbitrary inclined directions:
    • E-field source
    • Voltage lumped source
    • Lumped load
    • Waveguide sources

The new version is extremely useful for modeling of lumped resistances, inductances, capacitances and infinitesimal delta voltage sources. Moreover, the program supports a comprehensive interface with the new version. Now, it is possible to create your own definitions for:

  • The source table
  • Conductors
  • Lumped loads
  • Delta voltage sources
  • Electric field sources
  • Current sources
  • Planar ports/Ground
  • Eaveguide sources
  • Incident plane wave source
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